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Breath New Life into Your Masterpiece

His workshop holds all of the necessary machines, equipment, and tools needed to complete each project. One unique piece of equipment is the automobile rotisserie. Designed in-house and custom-fitted to each restoration project, the automobile rotisserie allows the car to be turned on an axis allowing for easy access and visibility from various angles. This ensures that every area is examined properly and restored accordingly.​

Owner Jose Maria Cammarano has been restoring vintage automobiles for decades. In some cases he has begun with merely the shell of the car, painstakingly restoring the metal, paint, upholstery, wiring and mechanical systems. He also specializes in aluminum car bodies and wood frames for antique cars​.

Selecting the right craftsman to work on your vintage automobile

As he works, Jose documents each stage with digital pictures and video – making it easy for out-of-state clients to keep track of progress. Owners will see every step of the process from disassembly, stripping, metal, priming and painting. One great advantage of this approach is that the owner will know that both the finish and what is underneath is perfect. 

Vintage automobile owners know their cars are works of art, masterpieces from a bygone era. Restoring these machines to their former magnificence is a specialty of JMC. The owner and master craftsman, Jose Maria Cammarano, understands that maintaining the originality of a vehicle increases its authenticity and its value. Through historical research, Jose emulates even the finer details of the original production process, in some cases procuring special tools to copy an original factory look. 

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