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Looking for Your Next Vintage Automobile?

You are finally ready to buy your dream car. Thanks to the internet, there are a number of resources available to help you locate the car of your dreams. But how can you tell a vehicle's true condition from a few photos? If you see it in person, how do you know if a pretty finish is hiding damage or improper repairs that will cost you down the road? Maybe you know your potential car needs work and you need to know how much it will cost to restore it in order to make a smart investment decision. JMC can help. 

Jose has over three decades of experience repairing and restoring automobiles. He knows the tell-tale signs of collision damage or improper repairs that may give owners a surprise when they start their project. He can accurately estimate the time and effort to bring a car back to its original state and give a prospective buyer a sense of whether the total cost is in line with its value. 

Follow your dreams while protecting your investment

JMC's vehicle acquisition service offers a suite of tools to help you make a smart investment:

  • Vehicle search - Do you have a car in mind? Let JMC find it for you. We will run searches of various online, print, and word-of-mouth resources to find the right vehicle for you. We will evaluate all options including candidates for restoration, daily drivers, and show quality cars. The goal is to find your dream car and maximize your investment.  

  • Market Analysis - You have found your car, is it worth what the seller is asking? Will this be a good short- or long-term investment? What are other similar cars selling for? JMC can provide a report to make you feel confident of your investment. 

  • Vehicle inspection - Time to go see a potential acquisition? Get an assessment from an unbiased, independent source. Let Jose accompany you to provide real-time feedback on the condition of the vehicle*. Don't have time to go? Let Jose go as your consigliere and report back his findings. 

  • Restoration Estimate - Your dream car needs a restoration. What will it cost? Is the cost of a restoration in line with the cars value? JMC can give you a free restoration estimate. 

  • Transportation and Logistics - Is your car out of state or overseas? JMC can arrange for transportation and handle all the logistics to get you into your new car.

* Services may require prepayment of travel and per diem meals and incidental expenses in line with federal per diem rates (see GSA rates).  

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