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Making What’s Wrong, Right Again

Experiencing an accident and coping with the damage done to your vehicle is stressful. Working with the insurance companies and getting paid for your claim adds to the stress. Having your automobile repaired improperly is a daily reminder of that bad experience.

JMC has over 30 years of experience with collision repair and can address bodywork, drive-train repair, and painting. The boutique workshop is outfitted with the latest tools and machines and the owner and master craftsman, Jose Maria Cammarano, personally works on your vehicle to bring it back to its original condition.

Jose knows how to work with insurance companies and appraisers, and provides accurate, honest estimates. He works for his clients as their advocate, teaming with the insurer to document and identify physical damage properly.

Getting your vehicle back on the road looking like it was never in an accident is what JMC does.

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